Collection and Disposal of Waste and Recyclables for Penn Township

Penn Township will be conducting a reverse auction for the collection and disposal of residential solid waste, single stream recyclable material, and yard and leaf waste, with e-waste as an additional option, within the township of Penn. This will be for the period of THREE (3) YEARS with FIVE (5) OPTION YEARS.

This auction will be conducted electronically using Enviro 21’s Online Marketplace. Bidding will begin on July 1st, 2020 at 12:00PM EST and will be open for THREE WEEKS before closing on July 22nd at 12:00PM EST. Bid documents and qualifications for Bidders are available by request and will be delivered via email. A mandatory pre-bid meeting will take place in Penn Township on July 1st before the auction opens for bids.

For all specifics and inquiries regarding this auction, please contact Enviro 21 by email at

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