Waste Generators

Benefits from the Enviro 21 process are significant to all participants.

The Generators will be offered:

  • Only fully vetted vendors with all pertinent, current information in the Enviro 21 site
  • A competitive bidding process
  • Time savings on seeking price quotes
  • Assistance in development of bids
  • A minimal subscription price for involvement, and no project fees
  • Consultation on any phase of waste handling, waste disposal/recycling/treatment, transportation, etc.
  • Best available price


Both Generators and Vendors will benefit from:

  • Detailed and concise summaries of all aspects of the waste bids
  • The Enviro 21 site tracking all aspects of the waste bid and providing side-by-side comparisons
  • Another layer of protection provided by the oversight of the Enviro 21 staff
  • A completely transparent marketplace
  • The opportunity to connect with other interested parties such as:
    • environmental/engineering companies
    • environmental insurance providers
    • legal firms
    • and others with an interest in the environmental industry

One example of Enviro 21’s site tracking would be an industrial waste project with 20 waste streams and 10 bidders creates 200 pieces of information to be tracked and compared. The Enviro 21 site tracks all of these with ease and in many cases can set a concise side by side comparison.

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