By offering a team approach to customer care, Enviro 21 safeguards the intent of the client. These same teams will follow your company through one bid or hundreds of bids. The Enviro 21 program is based on relationships. No project is irrelevant, insignificant, too big or too small for our trained staff. We will work with you to most effectively handle your hard-good or service contract bids to be environmentally sound and cost effective. It is our goal to offer you the most thorough and professional experience that the industry can provide.

Enviro 21’s staff offer numerous layers of assistance to both vendors and generators to assure that our customer needs are met.

Project Administrators are your first line of service. They will be available to guide and advise the development of your bid to meet your specifications. Through ongoing interaction, this individual can better direct your project by knowing what exactly it is that you and your company needs and wants. Furthermore, your Project Administrator is an experienced procurement process professional who can offer input and analysis as well as alternatives.

Business Development Representatives are assigned to each Project Administrator. These individuals provide a second set of eyes to ensure proper administration and execution of your project. They will assist the Project Administrator and offer a second conduit to a successful offering. Their assignment to follow specific clients and project types creates a stronger working knowledge of how they can best do the job for you.  Our Business Development Representatives have experience in construction/demolition, industrial, hazardous, recyclable, medical waste, and more!

Research Associates are in-house apprentices assigned to the project teams. It is their responsibility to assist in any fact finding and due diligence that can assist your project.