Q: How do we know that our waste is being handled safely and properly?

A: All participants on the Marketplace are fully and regularly vetted by Enviro 21 LLC. All pertinent material will be available in a PDF. Only qualified vendors and generators may participate.

Q: What if problems develop?

A: You are in a direct business relationship not only with Enviro 21 LLC but also with the generator/vendor handling the project. But Enviro 21 LLC offers mediation and another layer of dispute resolution.

Q: Who handles the money?

A: All waste fees are between generators and vendors. Enviro 21 LLC does not handle the money.

Q: Can Enviro 21 LLC help me with recycling?

A: Recyclers will be bidding on projects just as landfills and treatment facilities will. Further the Enviro 21 LLC staff can educate you on available recycling options.

Q: What waste can Enviro 21 LLC handle?

A: EVERY KIND. Hazardous, non-hazardous, liquid, solid, recyclables, construction & demolition.  If you have it, we can handle it!


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