Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do we know that our bid is being handled safely and properly?

A: All bid participants are fully and regularly vetted by Enviro 21. All pertinent material will be available in a PDF. Only qualified vendors and generators may participate.

Q: What if problems develop?

A: You are in a direct business relationship not only with Enviro 21 but also with the generator/vendor handling the project. But Enviro 21 offers mediation and another layer of dispute resolution.

Q: Who handles the money?

A: All fees are between our clients and the winning vendor. Enviro 21 does not handle the money.

Q: What areas of service are Enviro 21 most involved with?

A: Enviro 21 will handle any hard-good or service contract requires bidding. Some areas of focus are: municipal solid waste contracts, paving, demolition projects, hazardous waste removal, asbestos abatement, landscaping, transportation, and any other contracts that require bidding.

Q: What are the benefits of a bid with Enviro 21?

A: Enviro 21 curates your bid in a way to ensure you get the best available price. This includes, advising, writing the bid, vetting an finding vendors, and giving you the option to use our unique reverse auction process. Reverse auctions have been proven to generate competition and incur cost-savings for the institutions that utilize them. According to the GSA, reverse auctions yield a 15% – 45% savings when used to bid out service contracts.

Q: Will you help us develop the RFP?

A: Absolutely. We will review any current or past documentation and advise and discuss the new RFP with your engineer, solicitor, or any individual responsible for your procurement process.

Q: What is a reverse auction?

A: A reverse auction is a unique type of bidding where the vendors compete to be awarded your project by competing against each other until the lowest qualified bidder is chosen. This happens by the client setting a starting maximum price. Once this price is set, the vendors cannot bid above that price, and then bid DOWNWARDS in competition for your project. This unique system ensure that you are leaving no money on the table, and receive the best available price.

Q: What if we don’t get any bidders?

A: Enviro 21’s Reverse Auction Marketplace includes complete service in conducting, setting up, and administrating the reverse auction. If no bidders participate Enviro 21 will work with you and assist on a total re-bid.

There are many reasons why some auctions do not receive any bids, including timing, price, and the scope of work. Should no bids be received, Enviro 21 will review the materials and any feedback provided by participating vendors and will give you recommendations on adjustments for a re-bid.

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