Management Sciences, Inc.

is a Pittsburgh-based information management and analytics firm that has been in business for more than 50 years. They are the developer of the Marketplace as well as the Directory site. They have tested and utilized these platforms previously and have adapted them for Enviro 21’s purposes. Further, they consult on issues of technology and bid programs in an ongoing effort to ensure the success of Enviro 21.

TecEng Solutions, LLC

has not only invested capital, but has made available staff and contacts to assist in Enviro 21‘s endeavors. A member of TecEng is working with us to develop our internship program.

Regola Consulting, LLC

specializes in advising on government affairs in the local, state, and national arenas. Mr. Regola utilizes his professional relationships and experience to assist in business development and involvement with government systems.

Harshman Consulting, LLC

offers assistance in business development and business strategy.

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