The Marketplace

A website allowing waste generators and waste vendors to interact and conduct business. The Marketplace allows vetted subscribers to list waste projects in order to match vendors and generators. Waste projects can be listed as RFPs/RFQs, bids, or auctions. Negotiations are conducted in a back and forth manner online. A contract with terms and conditions, pricing, and all pertinent information can be filtered into a contractual agreement from the negotiated bid terms.

Assistance with setting up projects as well as bids/RFPs/RFQs, is an included service of the Enviro 21 team. Our Project Administrators and Administrative Consultants are experts in the waste industry. Their goal is to provide a total service experience to allow the online processes to run seamlessly.

The Directory

Offers a complete listing of all facets of the waste industry. Listings will be organized by geographic location based upon E.P.A. regions as well as industry category. Pertinent information such as permits, locations, and NOVs will be designated. Category examples include landfills, haulers, roll-offs, recycling options, environmental/engineering companies, as well as attorneys, insurance companies, realtors, finance companies, etc. who work specifically with environmental opportunities and issues.

The Job Search  

A free site offering job listings and searches. Employment opportunities will be listed by region and type. “Help Wanted” listings will be organized by date of listing and will include contact information.

The Regulatory Update

A weekly update of nationwide changes and pertinent information to federal, state, and local regulatory issues.

The Blog

A comment page on happenings in the environmental and waste industry as developed by staff conducting nationwide research into issues of the day. Not only will Enviro 21 staff participate but subscribers will be given the opportunity to air their ideas as well.

The Internship 

An opportunity for college and high school students to experience the various components of business. Topics include but are not limited to: sales/marketing, financial aspects, operations, research, service, business etiquette, environmental issues, specifics of the waste industry, startups, and technology.

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