Bid Plan Specific to your Needs

Enviro 21 works with you and comes up with a bid plan to ensure you receive the best available price on your bid, without sacrificing quality. We do this by sitting down with you, and determining what process best fits your needs. This includes processes such as advising on the bid, writing the bid, brokering a deal-project, finding new vendors, vetting vendors, a regular paper bid, or using Enviro 21’s unique reverse auction process. The reverse auction process allows our clients and various vendors from across the nation to interact and conduct business. The Marketplace allows clients to list various projects to be matched with the appropriate service providers. Projects can be listed as RFPs/RFQs, bids, or auctions. Negotiations are conducted in a back and forth manner online. A contract with terms and conditions, pricing, and all pertinent information can be filtered into an agreement from the negotiated bid terms.

Assistance with setting up projects as well as bids/RFPs/RFQs, is an included service of the Enviro 21 team if you choose to have your bid done via reverse auction. Our Project Administrators and Administrative Consultants are experts in a variety of industries– from waste, paving, repairs, remediation, environmental work, engineering and more. They are also experts in the composition and conducting of bids–and their goal is to provide a total service experience that allows the online processes to run seamlessly.

The Agreement

Enviro 21’s clients are given a service agreement for their particular project. The agreement outlines the scope of work, fees, and further details the relationship between the client and Enviro 21’s specific bid process for your project. This can include, one, or all of the following…

– Service Agreement review;

– Reverse auction set-up and input assistance;

– Solicitation of potential bidders;

– Vetting of potential bidders;

– Administration of bid services;

– Basic advisement on procurement process, contract composition, etc. 

Visit our Contact Us page and fill out the required information in order to subscribe and to receive a sample copy of our Agreement.

The Directory

Offers an ever-expanding list of various service providers from across the nation. Listings are organized by geographic location or industry category. Pertinent information such as permits, locations, and NOVs will be designated. Categories include: paving contractors, landfills, haulers, roll-offs, recycling options, environmental/engineering companies, attorneys, insurance companies, realtors, finance companies, and any industry required to bid. Our research assistants are constantly developing our directory to include vendors across all industries nationwide. 

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