Our Staff


John R. “Chip” Purcell  Chief Executive Officer. Chip is the founder and driving force behind the development of Enviro 21. Having begun in the waste industry in 1990 as a special waste sales and business development associate for Chambers Development, he quickly saw the industry potential. His entrepreneurial spirit led to his creation of Purcell and Associates, Inc., a Mid-Atlantic environmental waste consulting enterprise. He has handled the transportation and disposal components of three federal Superfund projects, been involved with numerous Army Corps of Engineer remediations, and conducted various aspects of waste projects with more than 20 Fortune 500 companies. His environmental companies were noted for their thoroughness and superior service. Though projects range from the single dumpster to the handling of nuclear waste, the same attention was offered to each.

Phone: (412) 400-5496 Email: jpurcell@enviro21.com

Patrick Gallagher – Acting Chief Technical Officer. Patrick is the Vice President of the Metals Division for Management Science Associates, Inc. (MSA). His operation and development of ScrapSite and MetalSite for MSA has made him invaluable in the development of Enviro 21, and specifically in the eSource site that is the basis for the Enviro 21 Marketplace.

John Hammer – Chief Financial Officer. John Hammer has extensive finance and corporate finance experience specializing in high-technology companies. He has 25 years experience investing in, founding, and operating early stage companies in Western Pennsylvania and New York City. John graduated from Northwestern University with an engineering degree and earned an M.B.A. from University of Pittsburgh.

Phone: (412) 345-0067 Email: jrhammer@enviro21.com

Bob Regola – Government Affairs. Bob Regola is a retired Pennsylvania state senator. He specializes in advising Enviro 21 on government affairs in the local, state, and national arenas. He also owns Regola Consulting, assisting clients with government affairs.

John Richey – Project Manager. John Richey works hands on with clients throughout the entire Enviro 21 reverse auction process, meeting with them, and guiding the client along by answering any questions regarding the bid. He also handles the technical aspects of the online reverse auction process. This includes the uploading, conducting, and monitoring of the reverse auction. He is a graduate of The University of Pittsburgh.

Phone: (412) 378-1441 Email: jrichey@enviro21.com


Alexandra Lancelotta – Research Coordinator/Social Media. Alexandra is currently a junior at the University of Pittsburgh studying economics, with minors in statistics and political science. At the University, she is Vice President of the Women in Economics organization. She assists in many aspects of Enviro21, including finance, marketing, social media and research. After graduating, Alexandra hopes to pursue economic policy research in the public or private sector.

Phone: (443) 900-9978 Email: alancelotta@enviro21.com

Current Interns

Joseph DeMario – Joseph is a senior at the University of Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania. He is currently studying environmental studies and sustainability as an undergraduate while also completing his master’s in business administration. His goal has always been to work with ecological management and environmental retrofitting. With Enviro21 , he is involved in working with environmental cleanup, ecological retrofitting, and chemical waste disposal projects as well as research.

Email: jdemario@enviro21.com

Jake Bedekovich – Jacob is a senior at West Virginia University, studying Environmental and Energy Resources Management. He is passionate about environmental justice and sustainability and his duties include: legal and policy research, governmental outreach, and assisting in business expansion in the environmental sector.

Email: jbedekovich@enviro21.com

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