New York City High School Program

Enviro21 has had a great experience working with Grant Associates to work with three high school interns and speak in a webinar to about 100 NYC high school students. We were very interested when we heard of the internship opportunity, in which the three high school seniors worked on a part-time basis, with our guidance from a distance. Though this work experience may be different from what they will face in the future, being we met only once a week on Zoom, it was a great way for them to understand what may come in a future position. It was also a learning experience for us; learning to communicate virtually with people we had never met, and trying to guide young people through their first business experience was a welcomed challenge. Our month with them was a great experience, and we intend to continue with the program in the future. 

            The webinar, which took place on June 4, 2021, allowed us to share our stories and advice with high school juniors in the NYC area. The students were very engaged and asked us many questions, which was a great way for us to provide any guidance we could. Olivia, our intern, and Alexandra, our staff member, discussed their journeys getting to college and working while in college. John, our project administrator, spoke on being a recent college graduate and entering the workforce. And of course, our CEO Chip told his stories of his extensive career in business. We greatly enjoyed the experience and hope to continue! If we can do anything to guide the next generation of workers, it is more than worth it!

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