The Importance of Savings for Auberle Social Services

November 1st, 2021Alexandra Lancelotta

Auberle Social Services is a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to protecting families and children in need.  They offer residential services for children and assistance for young adults aging out of child welfare limits, operating as a shelter and outreach center since 1950. Currently, they have three shelter facilities as well as an independent living house and a drop-in center for homeless and LGBTQ youths. Three years ago, they were named Agency of the Year nationally by the governing youth home organization.

Our CEO, Chip Purcell, was on the board of Auberle in the 1990’s, and has been involved since. His “respect and love for Auberle has gone on non-stop since 1990. All you have to do to fall in love with the place is to interact with staff or families that they help. The Auberle Mission of reunification of families and their accomplishments in this effort are to be admired”. Because of his connection and inspiration from the organization’s efforts, he has continuously worked with them from both a business and supporter standpoint. 

Auberle was paying $90,000 per year for waste services, and after Enviro21 helped restructure their contract and conducted a reverse auction, they are now paying $30,000 per year. A 200% decrease, with the exact same hauler they were using prior. Enviro21 has sincerely enjoyed working with Auberle and our support and assistance remain ongoing. Saving them money from menial things that could put toward the families they help is something we are very proud of and will continue to do. 

Please take a moment to visit Auberle’s website to learn more about their cause, and if you feel so inclined, you can donate directly using the below donations link.

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